Experience Tuscany

Guided Tours

Claudia holds a BA in Art History from the University of Siena, and has been a licensed tour guide of Siena and its province since 2016. It's a pleasure for her to show people visiting Siena her hometown, to her customers and lead them to the discovery of its many hidden treasures. She can take you on a classic tour of the city, including not only the best-known spots (Piazza del Campo, Town Hall, and the Cathedral), but also places from which you can enjoy scenic views of the city. In addition, if you are already familiar with the basics and are ready for something different, she offers thematic itineraries. We will walk down medieval alleys ending up in unexpected squares and stroll through hidden secondary streets that are neglected in most tours.

The area around Siena is arguably the most beautiful part of Tuscany, punctuated as it is not only by well- preserved ancient towns but also by spectacular views across several valleys. Here we have a few itineraries to choose from. We can take a look at the Chianti region, stretching from the castle of Monteriggioni all the way to the strongholds of Vertine and Castellina in Chianti (with its noteworthy archaeological site). An alternative option is the Val d’Elsa, whose highlights are Colle and its fortress, and San Gimignano, known across the world for its towers. Looking southward, we can visit the Val d’Orcia, including San Quirico and its fortified farm, Pienza and Montepulciano (both of which are Renaissance jewels), and Montalcino, home of Brunello wine, and many other treasures. All tours will be coupled with enogastronomic advice and accurate information about the history, culture, arts and handicrafts of the area.

Finally, if you are interested in the PALIO, the ancient horserace that take place on July 2nd and August 16th in the main square Piazza del Campo, Claudia can find tickets for you to watch the parade and the race from a balcony, a window, or a stall, as well as tickets for the very special dinner that is held the night before the race (“cena della prova generale”), in each of the 17 neighbourhoods.

Have a look at the website www.claudiatuscanytours.com

Wine Tour

Anna's cousin Simonetta Valiani Biondi Santi is the owner of the winery Le Chiuse in Montalcino. With her husband Niccolò, their son Lorenzo and his wife Stella they take care of the beautiful property.
"Le Chiuse" has very ancient origins. It was in fact part of the Biondi Santi family properties and was brought as a dowry by Maria Tamanti when she married Clemente Santi in the lasts 1700s their daughter Caterina married Jacopo Biondi. Their son Ferruccio (Simonetta and Anna's great grand father), joined the names into Biondi Santi. Ferruccio joined Garibaldi'a army and after the end the war he continued his grandfather work enhancing the value and selecting the vines to obtain that particular clone of San Giovese (Grosso) called Brunello.
Each year Le Chiuse produces approximately 30,000 bottles of wine, including its Rosso di Montalcino, Brunello di Montalcino, Brunello di Montalcino Riserva and a classic-method spumante called “Stellare”. The estate consists of 18 hectares, including vineyards, olive groves and forest situated on the north-northeast side of the Montalcino hill at 300 meters above sea level and on the south-east slope at 500 meters above sea level.
They produce one of the best Brunellos in the world! They will be glad to welcome you in the heart of the production of their different wines; You will learn how the wine is made from the vineyard to the cellar and you will taste it at the end of the tour.
Have a look at the website http://www.aziendaagricolalechiuse.it/

Cooking Lesson

Maria, Anna's cousin, is a professional chef and an expert sommelier who also works for "Desinare" cooking school in Florence.
Together with her you will spend a whole afternoon preparing a special Tuscan dinner, right in your apartment. From scratch you will prepare fresh pasta, roasted pork loin, panna cotta or tiramisù, or anything you prefer.
She will bring all fresh ingredients and flavours beside her knowledge, professionality, creativity and passion.