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Our History

The name Le Caldanelle is mentioned for the first time in a XV-century document as a staging post where Pope Pius II would stop in his trips to and from Siena and Rome. Le Caldanelle was probably the name of the stream, with its natural hot (caldo) springs, that is still running at the bottom of the property. The Department of Archeology of the University of Siena has set up a working site to study the remains of the buildings that are still visible.
Our family has owned the property for about a century. It includes not only the apartments that we rent, with a big garden and a pool, but also many hectars of woods through which guests can freely walk, as well as a medioeval pathway called “Strada della Pia” that has been restored recently. Needless to say, guests are also welcome to bath in the stream and experience its hot springs.


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